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Intellectual Property Net

Intellectual Property Net specialises in the identification, cataloguing and extraction of value from intellectual property and other intangible assets such as brands, knowledge, technical know how, business process and human capital.


Intellectual Assets and their role in developing the knowledge economy


The EU through the Lisbon Agenda is highlighting the need to understand, develop and protect the intangible, hidden, and as yet undiscovered aspects of business. These Intellectual Assets play a vital role in developing our knowledge economies.


The intangible assets of a business or any organisation are the vital organs of value creation.


New ways of looking at business


What really makes businesses special?


For most organisations it is some combination of intellectual assets.


As the pressure on our economies continues to rise, companies and the Regional Development Agencies that support them are tasked with finding new and better ways to assist their clients in joining the �knowledge economy�.


Training you to recognize and exploit Intellectual Assets

A new 4 part programme, �IA Cohort�, specifically designed in partnership with the Intellectual Asset Centre for the SME community, provides participants with knowledge of the intangible aspects of their business and the tools to protect, grow and exploit them worldwide.


The programme has been designed with input and delivery from IA � including Daan Andriessen (Weightless Wealth Toolkit), Tim Hoad (DTI UK IA Diagnostics Tool & Intangability Ltd), Gordon McConnachie (ICMG and IA Centre Scotland) and Melvyn Ingleson (MJI and formerly Head of IA practice for KPMG).


From a basic awareness of Intellectual Assets (IA) participants are guided through a series of workshops to learn:


why the intangible aspects of their business/organisation are critical to business success but also attention to their IA can benefit their business through building new revenue streams, beating their competition and increasing the value of their business.


how to implement Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) to deliver success, growth and sustainability for their business.


Effective management of the intangible aspects of any organisation can lead to discovering a hidden talent that facilitates diversification and hence generation of new markets, or creates/increases value to attract or leverage investment to enable growth.


By the end of the programme participants are armed with the knowledge, tools & confidence to see their organisation in a different light and adapt their skills, people, business plans, systems, processes, products and services to better meet the demands required to be successful in the knowledge economy.
Take a look at the downloadable presentation on different forms of IP as a start. 




The very nature of such assets requires a multi-disciplinary approach to their management. IP Solutions aims to provide that approach cost effectively and supremely efficiently by providing clients with web based access to outstanding expertise.

Melvyn Ingleson
Melvyn Ingleson, CEO Intellectual Property Net for Intellectual Asset Management
IA Cohort Programme

The IA Cohort Programme is now designed & tested and can be delivered to individual companies, or groups of companies, of varying sizes and differing sectors simultaneously.


The interactive workshops are group oriented, supported by business coaches and run over a number of months with mentoring provided between workshops.


MJI delivers direct or we train your trainers.


With the exception of the expert speakers and the need for us to train your business coaches the programme can be delivered through your existing local mentoring networks using our design and material.


If you would like to discuss how MJI can help you to assist your clients be more successful, more profitable, more competitive, more sustainable and more able to contribute to the knowledge economy then contact us for an informal chat.




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