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Brand Management

Review of Brand Portfolios

We are passionate believers in the value that all brands can create, so can assist in the effective review of brand portfolios. Many large companies need to focus on fewer, international "power" brands. 


We are  interested in taking a direct stake in disregarded brands in large portfolios. We can add value through acquiring brand rights, through licensing, shared cost/revenue arrangements.


Develop Marketing Strategies

Because we know how poorly managed brands can destroy value, we can assist you to develop successful national & international marketing strategies for brands that you wish to retain.


Framework for Product Innovation


Intellectual Property Net believes that brands need to be actively managed for value, so we help you to provide frameworks for product innovation, developing brands into new markets and channels.


We are willing to invest jointly when existing owners do not have the financial  resources or management skills to maximise the opportunity to leverage brand heritage or established positioning.


Higher Margins
Brands sell at a premium, producing higher margins.

 Brands grow through increased loyalty 


One Market

  Global Competitive Set 


  Local mindset ?



Lowest Cost or most desired?

Which is the most sustainable business proposition?

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