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Knowledge Management

Develop Knowledge Management Systems

We support clients in the development of Knowledge Management systems, including document management systems and implementation of collaboration software.


Knowledge Communities

Intellectual Property Net supports the creation and management of Communities in which knowledge can be shared or reused


Knowledge Management is at least 80% about behavior, recognition and reward for knowledge share. Information Technology provides he vital road map, but people add the value.


Improve Time to Market


We link our support of system implementation and upgrade to house explicit knowledge to the essentially volatile nature of knowledge creation to improve time to market or speed of innovation.

A way of Working

Knowledge Management is not data management.

It is having the right knowledge to make decisions anytime, anywhere, anyplace


Sharing Knowledge

Shared knowledge is powerful. People share knowledge. Computers share information


 Warp Speed

All of us must assimilate and transfer knowledge about customers and markets ever faster before our competitors beat us to the table.
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