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Measurement & Performance Reporting

Providing Informed Content


There are new, international standards relating to the treatment of goodwill and intangibles. We can work with you and your management to provide informed content to your auditors in order to both comply with and fully benefit from the new guidelines.


There are tax planning implications too.


Transparent Reporting to Shareholders


Key internal metrics can be defined to improve overall transparency and reporting to shareholders within the Operating and Financial Review.


Most of the value of a public company is represented by intangible assets, i.e, not cash in bank, plant & equipment or land. Shareholders are demanding that management can better explain the hidden value, and show what steps are being taken to extract greater value


Full Disclosure of Intellectual Property


Shareholders, Banks and Venture Capitalists appreciate full disclosure when the future value of a business is dependent on Intellectual Property. Lending and Investment decisions can be better informed.

 FAS 141/142 are the new accounting standards for treatment of goodwill, acquired or otherwise. There are impairment testing options.


Tools & Techniques

There is a bewildering selection of approaches to help you understand how to present intellectual assets.


IP Assets

Ownership or rights to use are protected in law.

Beware! It' s a minefield for the unaware.

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