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Our Core Team

Intellectual Property Net is a Community of Practice  that has been established to act as a focal point for practical discussion and support in Managing Intellectual Assets for Value


The core team behind it are  very experienced marketing leaders who have a long track record in using intellectual assets effectively in business, both as senior managers in industry and in professional services, as well as providing consulting advice to organisations in Europe, North America and Australasia.


Our Expert Community

Effective management of Intellectual Assets requires a multi-disciplinary skill set. Intellectual Property Net is about engaging clients in real time, in simple language, who have real issues to solve. 


Our clients identify their issue on the web, and the right resources are proposed by Intellectual Property Net  to deal quickly and effectively with the issue.


We draw those resources from our unparalleled network of leading independent consultants, blue chip audit, tax and corporate finance houses, leading law firms, trademark agents, patent attorneys.


Our Managing Partner


Melvyn Ingleson is responsible for the Intellectual Property Net concept. Following 10 years of managing major consumer brands, he established MJI Business Solutions in 1989. Most recently he went on safari to develop the multi disciplinary intellectual assets offering for a Big 4 Accounting practice in Europe. 


An entrepreneur at heart, he has developed Intellectual Property Net to serve the international business community by providing a single access point to top level multi disciplinary support around Intellectual Assets.


"The web removes most of  the  infrastructure overheads that clients would usually pay for in inflated fees so we can spend out time responding to clients and not working to pay for fancy offices"


 Self Help

We encourage our clients to use our online advisory services and Benchmarking Services to avoid over reliance on expensive professional advisors fees


Deep Expertise

If you need professional advice, online or face to face, you need real time experience and wisdom that gets to the point quickly and cost effectively


Our Associates

All our Associates must have a minimum of 10 years industry experience and 5 years in an advisory capacity
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