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Products and Services

Intellectual Property Net products and services include:


Strategy, Process and Organisation Design
Assess existing organisational structures and responsibilities
Recommend and implement specialised IP management software
Provide Situational Leadership® training
Measurement & Performance Reporting
Work with you to provide informed content under FAS141/142 to your auditors
Improve overall transparency and reporting to shareholders
Enable full disclosure when the future value of business is dependent on Intellectual Property
Value Extraction & Valuation
Perform asset and IP portfolio appraisals
Undertake patent mining and mapping
Intellectual capital valuations
Knowledge Management
Develop knowledge management systems
Creation and management of knowledge communities
Improve time to market or speed of innovation
Brand Management
Assist in the review of brand portfolios
Develop on line and offline marketing strategies
Provide frameworks for product innovation




Every business has intellectual assets. Develop your own simple checklist to discuss with your colleagues.


Corporate Reporting

The rules and guidelines on non financial disclosure are changing fast. Check out the latest thinking from the accounting industry.




Private Businesses

Your need to be able to present a full picture of your non- financial assets is no different. Only the audiences are different.
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