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Strategy, Process and Organisation Design

Identify Intellectual Assets


Often the intellectual assets of organisations are well hidden or too scattered about. We work with management to identify the hidden gold, to catalogue it, extending known Intellectual Property assets such as patents, and trademarks to include formal record of important copyright, manuals and other forms of explicit knowledge.


Assess Organisational Structures


We can independently assess existing organisational structures and responsibilities, drawing on best practice from leading organisations such as Dow, Shell, BP, UBS and others.


Implement IP Management Software


We can recommend and implement specialised IP management software that will save time and money.


There is lots of specialist software out there, by type of IP and by industry sector. It can help you catalogue the IP you have got, tell you when you need to renew protection, which countries are covered.


Again don’t try to build an IP register from scratch. Someone has probably done it before, and there is probably off the shelf software that will get you a long way even before you need to think about customisation.


Situational Leadership® Training


We provide Situational Leadership® training via local Associates  from the San Diego based Center for Leadership.




Managing intellectual assets across departmental boundaries, sometimes across divisions and countries, needs a particular leadership style.


You need to be able to operate in a matrix style organisation, getting co-operation from the different functions, when day to day operations and management may be more traditional within a department or division.


The IAM team will be borrowing resources in early days, looking to build the business case through early examples of success and through locating champions across the business.




Coaching individuals successfully into a unfamiliar role will be critical

Intellectual assets are rarely the responsibility of one department or one individual.

You need to provide or obtain the most senior sponsorship possible in your organisation.

Set up a working group drawn from R&D, from the legal department, from sales, from finance and from HR.

Intellectual assets are being created continuously in your organisation, so find a champion in each department who can spot the value being created, working with the steering group


Even without formal Intellectual asset management in place, start rewarding individuals and teams for true innovation or for making better use of any type of intellectual asset 

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