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Brand Valuation


Sometimes an informal review of brand portfolios produces a need to value one or more brands formally. This is conducted by specialists. How you value a brand is often driven by the need for the valuation. 


For example, do you wish to dispose of or acquire a brand?


Patent Valuation

Again patent portfolios need to be valued from time to time for many reasons. 


Intellectual property Net recommends that you find a technical specialist to work alongside the valuation team. One who really  knows understands the applicability of  similar patents.

There is great patent mapping software to help but it requires interpretation.


Creative Industries Valuation


Any creative medium such as TV formats, film, games, book and magazine publishing generates value. Copyright is the main form of protection.


The valuation trick is to look at the set of creative formats that any one format can exploit. The essential idea can be licensed many times over generating millions for its owners.

Take a look at the basic approaches to Brand Valuation 



Any FORMAL valuation is expensive, especially if it is to be relied upon by investors or third parties.


Check what you really need before rushing ahead.



The biggest opportunity for purchasers is to identify extra "out of the box" licensing income.


Seller or buyer beware!

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